Studio Policy

Tuition and Fees

September through May. Payments are due by the 10th of each month. Final payment is due prior to purchase of your recital tickets. There are no refunds for missed classes. Missed classes may be made up if a suitable class is available. There is a yearly registration fee of $60.00 per family.  Your registration fee includes a professional DVD of the recital. Registration fees are not refundable. Registration fees are not refundable.


Your choice of dance outfit is suitable for all elementary classes. We will fit you in the appropriate shoe for your class level. We use a specific style tap and jazz shoe. Ballet classes require a leotard. Appropriate tights are required for class photographs, as well as for our recital.

Attendance and Promptness

Punctuality is stressed. The lesson should be learned in its entirety. The most important part of the lesson often occurs in the first 10 minutes. Prompt regular attendance is very important to performance. Attendance is kept and the teacher reserves the right to remove a student for excessive absences.

Snow and Inclement Weather

When DARE COUNTY SCHOOLS close due to bad weather, the studio will be closed that day also. ALWAYS CALL TO CONFIRM IF YOUR CLASS WILL BE HELD on such days.


Our recital will be held the first weekend in June at First Flight High School Auditorium. This is not Memorial Day weekend. Students are billed individually for each costume. A $45.00 deposit is due for each costume by December 10th. Invoices will be available by February 10th. Your remaining costume balance is due March 10th.

Please Check the Bulletin Board Each Month

Important dates and deadlines are always posted as a reminder!