Atlantic Dance Program Book

Atlantic Dance's 22nd annual recital will be presented June 2nd & 3rd 2017, at First Flight High School Auditorium. Our students have gained a reputation for presenting an entertaining and professional performance and we are especially proud to showcase them each year.

Outer Banks Dance StudioThere are two performances of our recital with show times at 1:00 pm and 5:00 pm. We print 1000 program books available for free with a ticket purchase.

Every class is photographed beautifully in costume by J. Aaron Trotman – and featured in the book. One of the distinctions of Atlantic Dance is the attention and commitment we make each year to produce our one of a kind yearly pictorial and playbill. Meeting the performance deadline is an additional exacting endeavor at recital time, however, the result is worth the effort. The program book is a lasting keepsake for our students and their parents.

Advertisement space is sold to cover the cost of printing the book. Dancers and parents may find an advertiser who will pay for the cost of putting their individual photo in the book. If you prefer not to find an advertiser, parents or family members may sponsor their children and write a personal note or message that will appear with their photo in the program book.

If a business is sponsoring your photo, you must turn in their business card or scanner-ready ad. All ads that are not scanner ready are subject to the artistic discretion of our graphic artist. New ¼ page ads are "photo and message only". Graphics and logos are approved for ½ and full-page ads only.

Advertising and putting your individual photo in the book is an option and not required. If you would like to participate the guidelines are as follows:

Example: Full-page ad – one to four students may participate
½ Page Ad – Two students may participate, if ad is spread horizontal.
½ Page Ad – Only one student may participate, if ad is spread vertical.
¼ Page Ad – Two students may participate

Please note that J. Aaron Trotman must take all individual photos for student ads. The participant must pay the sitting fee required for the photographer’s minimum photo package during the week we take class photographs. See: Dance Portrait Week information.

Community businesses may help support the program book by purchasing advertisement space. Business card size ads are always welcome.

For more information and pricing on the program book please call the studio or email us at